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Create deep learning calculators based on Encoder-Decoder RNN using Keras

Google search is great. You can ask any question you have and give you links to the potential solutions. It can sometimes give you the solution itself when the question is simple enough. One of such example is that google search can act as a calcualator. You can ask "1 + 1" or "1 + 1" to get the value 2. It somehow knows that the spaces are nuicense and return correct value. You can even ask the calculation with some strings. See pic below:

The first deep learning model for NLP - Let AI tweet like President Trump -

The goal of this blog is to learn the functionalities of Keras for language processing applications.

In the first section, I create a very simple single-word-in single-word-out model based on a single sentence. With this application, I make sure that the model works in this simple possible scenario and it can correctly predict the next word given the current word correctly for this trainning sentence.